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Legal scan (quality label)

deJuristen legal services declares to have taken notice of the validity of the general terms and conditions and privacy statements of BVBA Websales and has examined the compliance with the privacy Act, the obligations of electronic contracts (WHPC) and the general information requirements.
BVBA Websales was found in order with the relevant legislation and thus obtained the legal quality label ‘MyLabel’

Shop or company
Company Name: BVBA Websales
Street and number: Belliardstraat 280
Postal code and city: 1000 Brussel
VAT number: 0809.657.311
Website: websales.be
E-mail contact address: contact@websales.be

Quality label 'MyLabel'
Awarded: 15 januari 2010
Valid until: 15 januari 2011
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MyLabel Websales

BVBA Websales was found in order with the relevant laws applicable to her and thereby acquired the legal quality label 'MyLabel'