What is e-commerce?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through an electronic medium, in the broad sense. Online sales of goods and services via the World Wide Web is the best known form. Web shops rise in popularity each year and more than ever and more than ever people buy online. E-commerce implies several legal concerns, ranging from private international law issues, tax issues, privacy regulations, intellectual property and liability.

Legal scan (quality label)

And that’s why there is ‘MyLabel’. deJuristen introduces a legal scan of your shop or website and checks if your site complies with the Privacy Act, the obligations of electronic contracts (WHPC), the general conditions and privacy statements. If your shop is found in order to obtain the quality label of deJuristen, you can publish the graphic character to your website, with a personalized URL to our database (example). This creates a reassurance for your customers. Read more about the deJuristen quality label.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are essential when creating a web shop or another electronic portal. The drafting of specific terms is not easy job, so many waive this important factor. However, these terms are often decisive in a dispute, provided that they are accessible, clear and legitimate. deJuristen examines your web situation and writes appropriate general terms and conditions. Do you doubt the validity of your current terms? Again, you can contact deJuristen. If your shops does not comply with the applicable (and often complex) rules, this can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. Read more.


Privacy is a growing concern of all consumers. The question which information companies requests and how they deal with this often sensitive data is one that every e-consumer concerns. If your shop does not exactly indicate how it collects information and for what purpose this actually happens, it can lead to serious reputation damage of your e-commerce, not to mention the repercussions of criminal negligence. Therefore, take your precautions and have your privacy statement custom designed. Read more

E-commerce is everywhere in the daily (shopping) life. But there lie many dangers. E-commerce is often situated as a complex environment where various Internet functions are used. In designing an effective and secure e-commerce system it is extremely important to adequately manage the complexity. The risks associated with such Internet services should first be properly managed before an e-commerce system is implemented. deJuristen helps you assess the risks and gives advice on areas such as data transmission, authenticity, availability and payments. A strategic planning, risk analysis and setting up proper security strategy can prevent many problems.

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E-commerce summary

You can contact deJuristen for all your legal questions about e-commerce. First, we can provide a legal scan of your shop, if it is found in order, it gets assigned our legal quality label. Second, deJuristen can draft your terms and conditions and privacy statements. Third, an evaluation of your mailing(s) can be obtained.